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This model equips two spindle and FAM drilling bag, one spindle cutting, and another spindle notching, suitable for making cabinet body. The working speed is high, can process around 70pcs panel boards per days.

cnc router

Model FC2-9 cnc router
Working Table Dimension 1220x2440mm
X Y Z Working Area 3150*1780*300mm
Top And Bottom Stroke Of Spindle 150mm
Workpiece Height 80mm
Max Moving Speed X axis :60m/min

Y axis:60m/min

Z axis:15m/min

Spindle Type Manual change spindle
Main Shaft Speed 3000 – 18000 RPM
Vacuum Area Four vacuum areas
High Frequency Spindle Horsepower 2X6KW
Vacuum Pumping Horsepower 10HP(7.5KW)-250m 3 /h
Cnc Controller Taiwan SYNTEC
Standard Configuration Toolbox, equipment operation manual
Drill Shaft System 9V Italy FAM
Vertical Drill Shaft Number 9 (5+4pcs)
Drill Shaft Horsepower 1.5kw
Rotation Speed Of Drill Shaft 3200 rpm
Pitch Of Drills 32 mm (1.26″)
Drill Shaft Stroke 70 mm (2.76″)
Software 9 (5+4pcs)
Vertical Drill Shaft Number E- wood software


  • It is economical and efficiencyequipment, suitable for small and diversified
  • Work tablecan adsorb the entire board directly, no need any cutting preparation action.
  • It’s high precision and efficiency equipment, suitable for the production mode of the milling and drilling compound machining.
  • Can equipped with any combination of vertical drilling, single drill, row drilling and other multi-functional drilling mode.
Control cabinet: 1.Strong and weak electric controllers

are separated to reduce interference.

2. Easy to check and debug

Automatic lubrication system
Syntec system

Machine’s advantages

  • In the cold weathermorning, the users of drill package can click the heat button when start machine, then machine will automatically run the spindle and the drill package heat machine program, which will make the drill package’s drill pipe uniform lubrication to improve the life of drill package。
  • No need to return to the origin position

One-button start then direct processing without returning to the origin, it can ensure the accuracy, and save processing time, improve work efficiency.

  • Print labels synchronously

In the production workshop, Synchronizing printing labels at the same time , without take the label from the office, without having to search from a pile of printed labels inside, to avoid being wrongly labeled due to worker’s sense of responsibility


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